I am a native of Los Angeles, born and raised. I recently received my Associates of Arts degree in English from Los Angeles City College, and will be transferring over to California State University at Long Beach in 2015. I really enjoy reading and writing. I enjoy cooking, trying new foods, exercise and long conversations. I hope that you will explore my blog and the evolution of my writing. I am also looking towards Freelance Writing because I love writing, and I would like to connect and form networking friendships with other writers, make guest appearances on blogs, and hone my craft. Feel free to stop by and say “Hello!”.


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  1. Hi Kim, thanks for the nice compliment on my blog about inner healing! I have read over some of your writings and clearly you have a heart to help others with the healing you receive. Very Biblical! II Corinthians 1:4.
    My wife and I do prayer ministry sessions with people to facilitate a deeper healing based on cutting to the roots of the matter. We would love to minister to you if you ever sense God leading you in that way. We have an application that we send out to clients, if you are interested, it is free, the questions on the app. alone help you to get in touch with your issues. We would be happy to send one to you, and there is no obligation to pay anything or even do anything. But if you are interested later, you would already have it filled out and ready. Let us know by contacting my wife Kelly at info@freedomquestinternational.org and she will send you the app via email.
    Every Blessing to you and thanks again for the comment on my blog!
    Bob Parr


      1. Great Kim,

        By the way, my blog said we live in Myrtle Beach, SC, we have recently moved to Kansas City, MO. Don’t know if that is nearer or further from your home town? But anyways.. I have updated that part on my blog. Blessings! Bob


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